Workshop on
Related Structures

The 2024 Workshop on Pomsets and Related Structures has taken place at EPITA Rennes on 24 April 2024.

The workshop is associated with the (i)Po(m)set Project, a research project at the crossroads of concurrency theory, automata theory, algebra, and geometry. The project also has an online seminar, and the workshop is an offshoot of that seminar.

The RaPS workshop is collocated with ATLAS'24 and will be followed by the Journées GT DAAL.


The workshop will take place at EPITA Rennes in downtown Rennes, close to the train station.

Invited talk

Henning Basold, Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands: Simplicial and Higher Coalgebras
There is an intricate link between concurrent systems and homotopy theory that has been exploited, for instance, in higher-dimensional automata and their languages. An abstraction of computation is the theory of coalgebra, which provides a general understanding of step-wise computation, global behaviour, modal logic and many other concepts of computation and reasoning. In this talk, I will provide first an introduction to coalgebra in the setting of simplicial sets and how concurrent computing can be understood there, albeit being limited to the deterministic case for the time being. We will then discuss what the roadblock to a coalgebraic view on true concurrency with non-deterministic branching is. After this, we will see that the link between computation and homotopy theory goes very deep. This merits an abstract development of homotopy theory for computation, for which I will sketch an outline in the form of higher coalgebra, which I understand as coalgebra in the context of higher categories. We will discuss the intuition and ingredients that go into such a theory, which will bring us back to coalgebras on simplicial sets.


(Program slots include time for questions and discussion.)


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The workshop takes place in the centre of Rennes, with plenty of hotels and restaurants nearby. The below selection of hotels is rather random and by no means exhaustive; and we endorse none of them especially.

Public transportation in Rennes is currently in shambles because of the disaster that is the new Métro ligne b. On the other hand, in centre town everything is accessible by walking.

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